My therapy practice is dedicated exclusively to working with Adult Adoptees, who are experiencing the many issues created by their adoption journey: Relinquishment Trauma, Unrecognized Loss, Complicated Grief, Search, Reunion, Addiction and the integration of all the complex feelings and emotions that are often the result of being separated from one’s original family and growing up adopted by another. 

I dedicate my practice, too, because I am an adoptee and have experienced all the complex feelings caused by growing up adopted. I’ve lived through the rollercoaster of search and reunion, and come to understand the unique ways adoption has impacted my own life. Thus, I bring to my work a milieu of experience, empathy and respect for the difficulties we face. 

The goal of my practice is to provide clients an opportunity to seek their own truth in identity and to work on healing the complex emotional challenges of the adoptee experience, in essence come to terms with their own “Adoption Feelings.”


I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and was adopted when I was a few months old. As a young adult, I moved to New York City and earned my Masters Degree from New York University in Social Work, and have been in practice in New York City as a Licensed Clinical Social worker for many years. The focus of my private individual therapy practice has always been fully acknowledging, supporting and helping to heal the emotional journey of my Adult Adoptee clients. I was also founder and for many years co-facilitator of the Adoption Support Group in the Village NYC. As a Clinical Social Worker I have presented at NYS conferences, workshops and numerous mental health settings on the adoptee experience. Helping fellow adoptees heal is my life’s work.